2019 Summer Music Series schedule

The Upper Deck Lounge

Thursday, June 27th – Kyle Morrison – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, June 30th – Lloyd Rosenberg – 5pm – 7pm

Sunday, July 7th – Christopher Merlan – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, July 11th – Brian & Spitzie Duo – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, July 14th – Andrew Botieri – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, July 18th – Scott Damgaard – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, July 21st – Sherry Malone – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, July 25th – Tom Fey – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, July 28th – Lloyd Rosenberg – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, August 1st – Boston Catalona – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, August 4th – Brian & Spitzie Duo – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, August 8th – John Foster – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, August 11th – Rudy Sampson – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, August 15th – Tom Fey – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, August 18th – Christopher Merlan – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, August 22nd – Scott Damgaard – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, August 25th – Andrew Botieri – 5pm – 7pm

Thursday, August 29th – The Smoking Jackets Duo – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, September 1st – End of the season Lawn party with Pat and Mallory Fey! 6pm – 9pm. (Bring and appetizer or dessert to share at the buffet table)

Please sign in guests if using the Upper Deck Lounge area, Thank you.

The Plymouth Yacht Club Smoking Policy


Marijuana Policy:  The consumption of Marijuana (Cannabis) and its products, oral, sublingual, and topical is prohibited year round on all Plymouth Yacht Club owned property, including all grounds, buildings, piers, docks and boats.

Non Smoking Policy:  Smoking (including electronic – vapor cigarettes) is prohibited year round inside the club, all decks (i.e. Upperdeck Lounge decks, all of the main decks, including the Junior Clubhouse and deck.) and under the main deck on the ground level.  There are designated smoking areas on the PYC grounds.

Please see the Club Manager with any questions and thank you for your cooperation.