The Plymouth Yacht Club Smoking Policy


Marijuana Policy:  The consumption of Marijuana (Cannabis) and its products, oral, sublingual, and topical is prohibited year round on all Plymouth Yacht Club owned property, including all grounds, buildings, piers, docks and boats.

Non Smoking Policy:  Smoking (including electronic – vapor cigarettes) is prohibited year round inside the club, all decks (i.e. Upperdeck Lounge decks, all of the main decks, including the Junior Clubhouse and deck.) and under the main deck on the ground level.  There are designated smoking areas on the PYC grounds.

Please see the Club Manager with any questions and thank you for your cooperation.


“Welcome to the Club” PYC’s Exclusive Preferred Caterers

“Welcome to the Club”.  Effective November 2, 2019 the Plymouth Yacht Club is excited to announce that Alden Park, Lavishly Dunn, Mama Mias, and Sagamore Inn will be our exclusive preferred caterers.  Please check out the Plymouth Yacht Club website function page for these caterers contact information and links to their websites.  Contact Club Manager, Becky Darsch or Function Manager Kim Martel for more information.

In addition, each caterer will take turns providing the Friday Night Dinner once a month so all members and their guests will have a chance to experience them, for themselves.  We are excited about this new approach and look forward to this change.