Welcome To The Plymouth Yacht Club!

The Plymouth Yacht Club, established in 1890, is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, one of the first settlements in America (founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims as they arrived aboard the Mayflower). Only a stone’s throw away from Plymouth Rock and well seated in history, the club carries on the yachting heritage that New England has become famous for (read more).

Our Annual Meeting had a great turnout.  Thank you to all who took the time to come and participate. 

The Plymouth Bowl is awarded to the member or members who have made the greatest positive contributions, overall, to the Club.  The Plymouth Bowl was awarded to Gerry Bryant.

The Volunteer of the Year is awarded to the member for their outstanding contribution and generous commitment to PYC.  The Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Pam Boucher.

The Ship Shape Award is awarded to the member that keeps the boats in shipshape condition.  The Ship Shape Award was awarded to John Lochran.

Thank you to all members that have volunteered their time for the Club.  The Club would not look as beautiful and run as smoothly with out your contributions.

The Park & Sail Fundraiser offers two members one personal parking space each from November 4, 2018 – October 31, 2019.  These two spaces are located along the brick walkway by the Junior Clubhouse, they are for the recipients only.  All proceeds of this Fundraiser go to the Junior Program.

This year’s recipients are:  Todd and Abby Monska and Sara Lohmeyer / Paul Heanue.  Congradulations!!!!  Enjoy your spot.

The yachting and boating season may be coming to a close, but life at Plymouth Yacht Club certainly isn’t. As you can see from the right-hand column, Information & Notices, there’s always something for you at your club!