Welcome To Plymouth Yacht Club!

Please join us for the AFC Championship game featuring the Patriots vs. Steelers.  Topside bar 4pm to the end of game.  Please bring a tailgate appetizer to share.

The Plymouth Yacht Club, established in 1890, is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, one of the first settlements in America (founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims as they arrived aboard the Mayflower). Only a stone’s throw away from Plymouth Rock and well seated in history, the club carries on the yachting heritage that New England has become famous for (read more).

Customized Plymouth Yacht Club Gear From Lands’ End

PYC Bag 2Famous since 1963, classic purveyor of dry goods, Land’s End continues to offer to personalize products to Plymouth Yacht Club members,  You may view their online store by simply clicking here.